Monday, June 25, 2007

Paris, France

Well, at the moment I am in Dublin, after a choppy four-hour ferry ride from London. Time to catch up on the Paris visit. I flew my wife in for a day and a half of sightseeing, but thanks to the weather in Miami, she missed her flight the first day and had to catch a flight from Miami to New York to Paris the next day. Of course, her luggage, promised to be already on the plane, did not show up. Not so good. Not to mention, I had passport issues, due to my passport expiring before one of the work visas does.

After the show in Paris, we stayed behind as the crew went on to Antwerp. I spent the morning standing in lines to get on the Metro and then at the U.S. embassy to get an emergency passport. Finally at 1:00p.m. we started out towards the Louvre.

Donna at The Louvre

The Louvre was formerly a fort, converted into the most famous museum in the world. To do it justice would take three days, one for each of the wings. We liked the Egyptian relics a lot.

We also made a quick run through the Greek and Roman statues.

After seeing the Mona Lisa, which you cannot take pictures of, we walked to the Eiffel Tower as it got dark.

Donna on a bridge that spans the Seine

The Eiffel Tower

Paris was great, I'd like to spend a week there, since we missed many famous landmarks and tourist sites. The food was great, the hotel excellent. Not to mention seeing the fabulous wife and sipping a glass of wine in the park at the Louvre.


Anonymous Dad said...

Well Tom, you have thrilled us again. Thank you so much for this posting and the awesome photos. Sorry about all the travel problems, but at least you are both safe and well. :-)

26/6/07 13:07  

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