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The guys and gals behind the scenes that make your concert experience an enjoyable one are many and usually faceless. You won't see us unless we are fixing a problem on stage or maybe during an instrument change. We are called 'roadies" by most people, though we like to refer to ourselves as "crew" or "techs". We sometimes call each other roadies much in the same manner as other people use disparaging stereotypes or "slurs" to refer to themselves. The production, wardrobe, backline, audio, lighting, carpentry, rigging, security and video departments are full of talented men and women who get there first and leave last. Here's a look at some of the fine folks on this tour.

John "McGee" McGarry is the drum tech. He's a Boston native with a great accent - no "r's" allowed.

Suzanne Cordes, a model-cum-down rigger is helping take care of the dressing rooms on this tour, since we are not carrying any lights or P.A. of our own. She makes sure all of the details are covered by show time: the right drinks in the right coolers, quick-change mirrors in place...and I'm sure a thousand other things I am not aware of since I am usually on deck and she is backstage. This photo is from the plane ride to Argentina via Brazil.

Todd Wilkinson is the stage tech. He places the microphones, runs all of the mic cables and makes sure that signal goes in and comes out at the right spot. He is a fellow musician and Nashvillian.

Bruce "Haystack" Hendrix and Greg "Lil' G" Howard letting me know it's time to rock. Keyboard and stage right guitar techs, respectively. Both are great players and good "hangs". Bruce is a keyboard programmer and runs the computer rigs, Greg is an accomplished pedalboard and amplifier builder. This photo was taken shortly after a 5:00 a.m. lobby call/6:00 a.m. stage call. We get in extra early in festival situations, since there are several bands performing before us. We set up first and the other bands set up in front of our gear. Tonight there are two local Argentinian openers, then Evanescence and Velvet Revolver.

Brad "Burt" Johnson, monitor engineer. "Burt" because he was once introduced from the stage by that name. He has a busy gig, keeping the in-ear monitor mix together for the lead singer.

Liz Meyer and Andy Soteropoulos. Liz is one of the wardrobe women who prepares the stage clothes and dressing rooms for the band. Andy is a sound tech who works in Monitor World keeping track of the band's ear mixes.

Production Manager Steve Drymalski chats with Security Guy Tony "T-Fed" Fedewa at the airport in Guadalajara. Steve is the lead vocalist in the crew band and plays a mean harmonica. Tony likes coffee.

Stage Manager Moe Haggadone and Electrician Arturo "Tootie" Martinez at the venue in Guadalajara. Moe was my Production Manager on a couple of the John Fogerty tours. Tootie's skills in speaking Spanish helped out a lot...especially in restaurants!

The fabulous Joe Sagara, IT tech and teleprompters. Joe gets the wireless networks up and running throughout the venue and when asked to help with a PC problem, will tell you to "buy a Mac" I am.

Joe Victoria. Cameraman and bringer of good cheer. Joe is always in an upbeat mood, and takes a mean photograph..sorry this one does not do him justice!

Jim Ebdon, Front of House engineer. Jim is the man responsible for what the audience hears each night.

Lighting Director Jason DeBoer. Jason runs the light show, which on this run has been different in every city since we are not carrying our own rig.

Michael "Daddy-O" Richard
. Daddy-O is a carpenter, which means he builds the stage as needed in each venue, secures all of our monitors, carpets, decking and quick change booths.

Joe's guitar tech and backline crew chief Jim Survis. He's also worked for Jimmy Page, so his Guitar Hero creds are pretty much secured.

Security Guy Mike "Gio" Giammarco. Along with Tony, he keeps the gig safe for everyone.

Production Manager Mark Hogue. He steers the ship, advances the shows and makes sure we have what we need when we need it.

Fan Club Rep Amanda Ayre. She gets the VIP tickets together and conducts tours of the stage and venue for the Fan Club members.

Production Assistant Karen Colvin. She makes the travel arrangements among a hundred other things. A busy gig.

Couldn't get to everyone, I'll try next tour!


Blogger Sunnyla90292 said...

Tom - Congrats on your AWESOME gig! That's way cool.

Hope you're having a great time.

Please say hi to Moe for me if you get a chance. He was always such a sweetie to me!


Lisa V

23/4/07 12:57  
Blogger daze said...

i realize this blog post is almost 2 years old, but i found it when searching to see what moe was up to. i toured with him about 6 years ago with disturbed -- good dude.

28/1/09 21:15  

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