Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Bass In the Crowd

Country chanteuse Elizabeth Cook has a long list of bassists that perform as part of her Model Prisoners band. Paul Slivka, Dave Jacques, Tim Marx, etc. are all seasoned players. Apparently, none are available for her gig at The Mint in Los Angeles on May 18th, so I'm going to fill in.

I know all of the songs on her new album "Balls" , having added a few guitar parts to her demos. I've also done the FOH sound on a gig or two, and have listened to her records and seen her show many times. I even played guitar on a dozen gigs or so back in the day.

Now I'm dusting off my trusty Danelectro Longhorn bass and re-learning the songs from the low-end perspective. Should be big fun!!


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