Thursday, May 10, 2007

Get A Job

During my trip to New York with Aerosmith to play a benefit concert for the Robin Hood Foundation, I had the opportunity to take the train to Long Island for a job interview with legendary string and accessory company D'Addario. Those of you who have seen the video I did for them during the John Fogerty tour last year are aware of my long-time preference for their products, both for the artists I work with and my own gear.

They are a wonderful family-owned business, and simply offer the finest quality and selection of musical instrument strings and accessories available. That's been my opinion since my days working at Ward-Brodt Music in Madison, Wisconsin and it still is today.

Of course, since the interview went well, it's now also my job to say that! I am officially the Nashville Artist Relations liaison for D'Addario. Nashville is a prominent market for us, not only for the sheer number of musicians/customers here, but for the invaluable input we can get from players, techs, studios and retailers.

The big bonus is that it's part-time, so I can continue - and am encouraged - to travel around the world with famous people tuning their guitars and basses. Hard to beat that deal.

This is a goal I've had for a few years now, and I am thrilled to see it coming to fruition. Check back regularly on the D'Addario link for upcoming articles and videos that I will be posting covering the gamut of guitar tech tips, lessons, news and general music interest stuff.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell wrote about "following your bliss", and I am grateful to everyone who have helped me do just that. With a major Aerosmith tour coming up, (my wife) Donna Beasley's album being sent to press for reviews, the great gig with D'Addario, and a few weeks home with my is good.

Thanks to all.


Blogger JBlog said...

Congrats on the new job with D'Addario -- they make great stringss.

I'm a confirmed D'Addario XL user for my basses -- great sounding, long lasting srings, and very consistent from set to set.

14/5/07 11:56  

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