Saturday, June 09, 2007

In Randers' Field

First two shows are over, all is well. We finally got to play a gig in Europe, in Randers, Denmark. Opening act was D-A-D, formerly known as Disneyland After Dark until Mickey and Co. threatened a lawsuit. They have been around for many years, but I was not aware of them. They were excellent, kind of a Danish glam-rock band, with a great guitarist and drummer. The bassist played some weird instruments, and only uses two strings.

The crowd was into them and Aerosmith, we had a good show.

We all enjoyed a nice day of in Kristianstad, Sweden. Beautiful weather, nice hotel location - just two blocks from the town square.

Outdoor cafes are the norm, and we had lunch at dinner at them. Here's Jessica (who you might remember as our flight attendant on the South American run), our new Production Assistant.

Brad Johnson ponders the menu.

He ended up ordering the steak, which was apparently pretty good. I opted for the bun-less hotdogs, and was disappointed. They tasted funny, and the consistency of the actual dog is more like meat paste than the more solid American version.

We went shopping for a while, looking for adaptors to turn US plugs into Euro plugs and ran into Doug Short, our monitor tech. He was on a sock hunt.

Last night we closed the Sweden Rock Festival. Lots of popular bands on the bill, including Government Mule and Skid Row. Met Brian Farmer, Warren Haynes' guitar tech and did a short interview for D'Addario. Warren and "the Mule" were excellent, lots of good tunes and great dynamics and musicianship.


Blogger ismoo said...

I've been following your blog off and on for several months now and I'm glad to see you'll be in Latvia this summer. I am a middle-aged former Peace Corps member who married and retired here a couple of years ago. It's interesting that you were also in Dubai as I worked in Abu Dhabi for six years. Boy do I understand how you felt about the heat. Finally, as a former touring musician (minor), I love the inside and technical stuff you provide. It brings back memories... Keep up the excellent work.

16/6/07 06:45  
Blogger ismoo said...

That's just fabulous you got to play with the band that inspired you in your youth. How many people can say that? "Follow your bliss" - always the most excellent advice. Too bad more people don't follow it...

16/6/07 06:48  

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