Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bermuda Redux

After last night's success, several of us decided to charter a fishing boat this morning and try our luck. Captain Stephen and his son Steve took eight of the band and crew our on a four-hour fishing trip. The weather was so perfect the fish took the day off and we didn't catch anything. We did take a few naps and basked in the sun and enjoyed the gorgeous water off Bermuda.

Of course, sharks and bad weather came up as conversation topics, and native Bermudian Cap'n Steve told about sailing from Newport to Bermuda in 45-foot swells, a year before the Perfect Storm made history. He said it was very scary and they dealt with the panic by drinking rum, gin, bourbon and beer. Seems like sound advice, given the circumstances.

Speaking of island libations, I have had a few excellent gins and tonic, Sapphire-saturated, this being a former colony of the Masters of Gin. They bring the tonic in a small glass pitcher separate from the gin. Nice. I don't drink all that often, but New Orleans and Bermuda make nice backdrops to sip cocktails in front of.

Anyway, after a buffet breakfast, all $27.60 worth, we jumped aboard the shuttle to meet the boat.

The Dock

It's a five minute shuttle from the top of the hill where the hotel is located to the waterfront. Lots of scooter traffic and all left-handed.

Heading Out

Optimism reigns supreme as we head towards open water...

Me and Matt

Plenty of sunscreen, a new hat, and yet another pair of shades and I am ready. Matt has his coffee, since he skipped breakfast, I think.

I have no pictures of us not catching anything, since they look a lot like us heading out towards a day of not catching anything. Had we actually caught anything, I would have taken pictures of anything we had caught. But we didn't.

For Donna, a Dockside Hibiscus Flower

I miss my fiancee. She likes pink flowers.

Back on Dry Land

Fish of Bermuda can sleep safe in their beds, the mighty sea hunters have returned to the beach.

Upon reaching the hotel, it so happens that the power is sort-of out...I have AC, but no outlet power and no running water. No shower, no toilet. It seems to be a regular thing here, so I am told not to worry, it will be taken care of after 2:00, just ten minutes from now.


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