Sunday, June 19, 2005

Orlando Blue 'Em....Away

Rob Rankin and David Davidian

Two of the hardest working guys on tour, Rob is the systems tech for the P.A. and monitors, David is the Lighting Director. They have specialized in squeezing us into smaller than normal venues and have pulled it off every time. I am honored to have them as crewmates.

Office Space

Portrait of a Not-So-Young Man as Poser. Offstage and down the steps at the HoB.

George Hawkins

The Fabulous One gets down with Billy. George Hawkins is the master of Rock and Roll bass playing. Every night, every song. Amazing to hear, fun to watch.

John Molo

Great shot by Rob Rankin of Molo in full-flight.

Molo and Britt

Another packed house, another great Rock and Roll show. I think the band is starting to hit their stride and crowd response has been fantastic. Anyone reading this who has not bought tickets yet needs to do so. I doubt there is a better set of songs and musicians playing American Rock and Roll.


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