Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New Orleans House of Blues (and Buzz)

Wow. What a great set John and the band played last night. After a wincingly slow load-in into a scale model elevator onto a tiny stage, with a furious buzz through every guitar amp, I was curious as to how it would turn out.

In my experience, every time you put a theater/arena sized act into a club, they tear the roof off. Maybe it's because they play with theater/arena exuberance, maybe it's due to the close proximity of everyone physically and sonically, maybe both. The set list consisted of the usual classics, and he added "Blue Boy" and "Jambalaya", the latter featuring washboard wizard Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. The SRO crowd erupted during "Born On The Bayou'" after the line about "chooglin' on down to New Orleans".

No gear problems other than a blown-up overdrive pedal of Billy's (I discovered at line check) and a bad power cable. Swapped out spares and moved on.

The out was as slow as the in, but the local crew was great and we were treated fine by the HoB folks.

Two old friends stopped by and we went to Cafe Maspero for a pre-show dinner. They split a muffaleta, I tried the hamburger. Funky little place with excellent food.

We drove all night and morning to Clearwater, Fl. We have a show here tomorrow at Ruth Eckard Hall.


Blogger Jay Jordan said...

Tom Spaulding you are the best. Thanks so much for dinner and the tickets to the show. It was FABULOUS! Fogarty has only gotten better with age. He is really rockin' on those guitars.

15/6/05 14:46  
Anonymous Brant said...

Just got back from the show in Boca. I spotted you on stage left before the show started and thought of saying 'hey, great blog!'

Fogerty rocked, as always. It was an amazing two hours that I'll never forget. We were all glad that the rain stopped in time.

The only drawback was that the mix left something to be desired. The bass was especially muddy.

19/6/05 00:24  

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