Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Paramount Pictures

Too Hip For The Room

A computer glitch kicked us out of our original rooms, so four of us ended up at The Paramount Hotel in NYC. Pretty cool and funky place with very hip folks in the lobby. The rooms are small and chic. The sink looked great until you needed a place to set your shaving kit, and the mirror does not move, so all of the stuff is hidden behind it...form over function. The shower head had Seinfeldian water pressure and practically hydro-loofa'd your skin off...which is just what I needed after the sweaty club gig.

Beds at the Paramount NYC

All white linens and accessories with a huge picture frame as a headboard, and padded material as a "canvass". I liked it. Dean and Deluca (right off the lobby) had good lattes, so at 11:00 a.m. this morning we jumped in an SUV and headed to LaGuardia for two days off in Atlanta...which is where I am right now, typing this at midnight.


Anonymous pat reynolds said...

Imagine my surprise - reading one of my favorite political blogs (powerline) and finding a link to Tom Spaulding's blog! I played bass in Roland Radmer's high school jazz band - Tom was a monster guitar player even then.
Way to go Tom, your site is about to get avalanched.

I have stayed at the paramount in NYC and I have to agree regarding the "Kramer" style showerheads!

15/6/05 12:58  

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