Thursday, June 09, 2005

Irving Plaza - New York City 6/8/2005

Billy and Bob Rigs

For those with a technical interest, Billy plays through a Matchless John Jourgenson Combo into a Marshall 1960 4x12 cabinet. The Matchless' speaker is not connected. His pedalboard is a Klon Centaur and a Line 6 DM-4 Delay modeler with an Ernie Ball volume pedal and a Peterson Strobostomp tuner, powered by a VooDoo Labs Pedal Power 2.

Bob Britt is using a vintage Fender Super Reverb and a re-issue Tweed Twin Reverb. Pedals include a Line 6 DM-4, a Line 6 MM-4, a Keely modified Boss Blues Driver, an MXR Dynacomp, a Boss GE-7 Equalizer, a Peterson Strobostomp and an Ernie Ball volume pedal.

The Band In Motion

I Will Walk With You

A Tim Holder (Monitor Engineer) view of Bob playing the Dobro solo on "I Will Walk With You"

Pre-show Stage @ Irving Plaza

The Irving Plaza is a small club upstairs in the Polish War Veterans building. We did not load in until noon and could not "make any noise" i.e. "test any amps or P.A." until 5:00 p.m. The stage was tiny, but we fit most of our gear onto it. The Leslie and Matt's Marshall 1/2 stack were in a balcony above the stage.

JF was on fire all night and really put out. "Hey Tonight", perhaps my favorite CCR song, made an appearance, and it sounded great. I think my love for jangly guitar parts stems from that song and the George Harrison/Roger McGuinn stuff from the same period...filtered down from my brother's collection of vinyl. There's defintely an unbroken line from "Mr. Tambourine Man" to "And Your Bird Can Sing" to "Hey Tonight" to "Kid" by The Pretenders to "Starry Eyes"by The Records to The Gin Blossoms' "Hey Jealousy" to Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl". Crunchy jangle pop, another sub-genre of Rock that JF played a part in.

These shows are a guitar fan's dream. Not only does JF play extended solos on a music store's worth of instruments, but the backing band has top-caliber pickers doing their thing on guitar, dobro, mandolin, slide guitar and acoustic guitar.

Load out was slow due to a pretty small elevator, but the stagehands at IP were great to work with and we rolled out at about 1:00 a.m. I went back to the Paramount (see above) for a shower and some sleep.


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