Sunday, June 19, 2005

Creedence Clearwater, Florida

Another great show, this time in Ruth Ekerd Hall in Clearwater, FL. Plenty of space on a big stage and a nice room. Except for the gig I saw at the Ryman in Nashville, this tour is the first I have seen of JF in front of a U.S. audience. There are the usual long-time fans in their 50's, maybe younger siblings of those fans (like me) in their 40's and 30's, and a lot of twenty-somethings. They know all of the words and sing along to all of the songs. I guess the '70's revival in fashion and music plays a part in this and I am glad to see it.

Guitar World in Clearwater

This is my typical setup on stage left. The rack is for Billy's wireless rig. My workbox sits next to it and the racks of guitars sit on the guitar trunks. I have a catch-all box in the foreground for miscellaneous stuff aka "cack".

Big Tree

One block from the Safety Harbor Spa, where we stayed in Clearwater, was this big tree. A tree so big, I took a picture of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the Clearwater concert, my first ever Fogerty show. I saw you onstage a few times and recognized you from the photos here.

I was one of those twenty-somethings who knew all of the words. I first fell in love with CCR while listening to the oldies station as a kid, then naturally bought up all of John's albums. He's my hero and it was a perfect evening.

19/6/05 16:51  

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