Monday, June 13, 2005

Walkin' Thru New Orleans

Da Du Monde Monde

An after-lunch walk to the waterfront led to the Cafe Du Monde. My fiancee says it's famous, so I had my picture made there. I am holding the Diet Coke I had to buy in order to use the restroom. I later used the same hand to hoist gins and tonic at Pat O'Brien's, as noted below.

Down By The River

Nice photo, taken by the ubiquitous Jerry Sabatino, who is guest photog for the entire post, since I left my camera in my room at the Hotel Monteleone.

Truth In Advertising

Finally, a camera that takes pictures exactly the same as your eyes actually view...blurry and fuzzy at this point in the day...

Bourbon Street Corner

Nice shot. I like all of the different blues in this photo.


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