Thursday, July 05, 2007

Having a Baltic

Riga and Tallinn, in Latvia and Estonia respectively. I've never been to either country, and it's my first time in a former Soviet Bloc nation, not counting Germany. Riga is part medieval Old Town, part soulless gray housing for the ex-comrades, and part modern.

This was the view walking across a bridge from the hotel to the Old Town district.


The town square had a lot of shops for souvenirs and the usual restaurants and cafes.

Town Square

Town Square in Riga, Latvia

I went out on my own, but soon ran into Jim, Casey, Doug, Ben, Joe, Todd, Chuck and Andreas. We decided to get some sun and have a pint of the local beer, Zenta, a light lager.

Sun and Suds with Jim and Casey

I like to sample the local beer, as it is usually better than anything we can get in the States. Belgian beer is my favorite, and this Latvian beer was very good. Prices are typically around $5.00 US for a pint. Since I don't drink anything but water, coffee and Diet Coke on show days, the occasional beer on a day off is not a problem, despite the preponderance of beer glasses on this blog!

In Tallinn's Old Town

Tallinn is similar to Riga, in it's combination of old, Soviet and modern blend of architecture and culture. Tallinn seems to push the Medieval aspect of it's heritage, at least for the tourists.

Tallinn Town Square

The one constant remark about both cities/countries is how beautiful the women are. Apparently, modeling agencies have raided the Baltics, but left quite a few behind. I suspect it's the Finnish/Russian/Whatever genetics that creates blond/blue-eyed and brunette/dark skinned people, but I have to agree, the locals are healthy and good-looking. I stood out, obviously!

Girls in Medieval costume, a happy Bobby Schneck

Tallinn Girl in Costume

The Radisson SAS hotel where we stayed had a rooftop louge where some of us went to see the city from above and have a cocktail.

Rooftop view of Tallinn

While I was taking pictures of the crew on the roof, I snapped this photo, originally of John Lammy and Jim Ebdon, but now edited and cropped to show only John and some other un-related tourist behind him. I did not even see her as I took a quick picture of the guys. I like the expressions on their faces, and imagine them to be a couple at the end of their relationship, with the symbolic church in the background. Or not.

The Breakup


Anonymous Valentina said...

Hi! I've discovery your blog just know! Too bad 'cause I was in Paris and Amsterdam for Aerosmith too and maybe we could talk! ;) Anyway I like your blog and please say CIAO from me to GIO ;) Thanx, Valentina from Italy

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Blogger willis said...

Hey Tom

Willis here hope you're trip home went without incident. Email address should be attached


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