Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Like The Virgins

Just got back from a week-long honeymoon in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We stayed at Caneel Bay Resort on St. John.

From The Patio

The weather was so-so. It rained Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday all day. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty nice and Friday and Saturday were fine. Very windy on Sunday, the day we left.

Sugar Mill Ruins

The Danish once had rum and sugar and cotton plantations on these islands, but all that's left are crumbling remains. These are part of The Equator, a restaurant at the resort.


The balance of desert and jungle is a bit strange.


Insert Jimmy Durante reference here...

Feral Donkeys

Their forebearers were the donkeys used by missionaries to traverse the hills...they have the run of the place.

Lind Point Trail

Two thirds of the island is a National Park. Lind Point Trail leads form Cruz Bay to Caneel Bay, with spurs to Honeymoon Beach and Solomon Beach.

Cruz Bay From Lind Point Trail Overlook

There is an overlook on the trail that gives a good view of Cruz Bay.

Caneel From Highway Overlook

A similar overlook on the highway gives the view of Caneel Bay.

On The Way To St. Thomas

We took the ferry to St. Thomas for a day of shopping. Lots of good deals on jewelry and booze. We bought gifts for the folks back home and a few clothing items...and two bottles of Cruzan Estate Dark rum...

Mango Cay

We snorkled all over Caneel Beach, Scott's Beach, Honeymoon Beach and then on Saturday chartered a trip to the cays across the bay, Mango Cay and Lovango Cay. Great snorkeling at all points...I saw a barracuda at Mango Cay. Cool.


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