Thursday, September 29, 2005

Home Studio

I had to end my studio partnership with my friend, Scott Neubert, since I am on the road so much, and it isn't fair to be a silent partner. We had to move out of the space we were leasing because it is being converted into a hotel, and he has found a new space and will continue on, no doubt with great success.

We split some of the gear, and I ended up with enough to have a pretty nice rig at the house. I have a tricked-out blazing fast computer with Cubase SX3 and Nuendo plus the Waves Platinum plug-ins that my buddy Harry Sharpe configured for me. I am interfacing using the MOTU 2408 MK3.

Home Studio

Here are some of my guitars.

Some Guitars

Some More Guitars

The Fab Four Look On

Always good to have a reminder that I have way more gear than The Beatles ever had to record with, and talent is what truly matters.

Vox Amps and a lap steel

My 1968 Cambridge Reverb and a Pathfinder reissue. Supro Student deluxe lap steel.

Kentucky Mandolin

The latest addition, a Kentucky mandolin.

Cubase SX3 with M-Audio Monitors


The main point of interest is the Universal Audio LA-610. The rest is just stuff that was laying around the studio. I'll use in-the-box effects for the most part. I am lacking a few mic pres, but I plan on getting some soon, probably the 8-channel M-Audio model.


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