Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Garden Party

Well, that was certainly an interesting evening. Lots of stress and waiting and hurrying for twenty minutes of music. I had a good time watching Elton John, Ry Cooder, and the fabulous Sonny Landreth, who sat in with Jimmy Buffett.

Gear everywhere

The backstage area and docks were crowded with gear from all of the bands and crew all day. Great job by the local crew to get everything on stage in one piece.

Jerry Sabatino

Jerry's last gig with us for a while. He's going out with Aerosmith this Fall. Thanks for being a good friend all Summer, Jerry. Good Luck with them 'Smiths...

Guitar World

An amazing blend of guitars from Buffet, Simon and Garfunkel, etc.

Paul Shaffer

It wouldn't be a musical benefit in NYC if Paul was not sitting in. Nice guy.

Allan Toussaint

Musical titan from New Orleans, author of "Southern Nights" and many more classic tunes. He presided over an excellent band with many guest artists singing his tunes.

Toussaint and Costello

Elvis Costello was in great form, sitting in with Toussaint. His wife, Diana Krall was on the roster, too, playing with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

I am a big EC fan, since his deep and wide body of work lets you jump into whatever style or form has interested him. Perfect Pop songs, R&B workouts, string quartets, Bacharach lounge, etc. One of the true musicians of his generation.

Cyndi Lauper

Looked great, sounded great.

Funeral For A Friend

Yellow Brick Road's "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" is a hell of a way to begin your set. I remember my older brother bringing that album home and telling me how cool those two songs were. With a superb band, including longtime members Davey Johnstone and Nigel Olson, Elton John rocked the house. Amazing.

Sir Elton John


Lenny was channeling Son House and Sergio Leone's costume designer with his Bluesman/Serape vibe. He'll be opening for Aerosmith this autumn. Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho?


Former President Clinton introduced after soaking in a little applause for simply being Bubba. Senator Mary Landrieu was supposed to intro, but she was passed over in favor of the former Fed. I sense a pattern here...

All in all, a good time was had by eveyone involved. Hats off to the Garden crew, SIR, Best Instrument Rentals, Clair Brothers and my fellow techs, Jerry Sabatino, Les Banks, Tim Holder and Jake Loveridge. Special thanks to Michael Kay, Dan and Doug and Rick Salazar. Hope to see all of you soon...