Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hollywood Nights

Last night we played the Hollywood Bowl. One of the first ten albums I bought with my own money was "The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl", a live LP on Capitol. It's a legendary venue and it was cool to be there. The gig went fine. David Spade was hanging out in the catering tent.

The small world gets smaller, as it turns out that Stoll Vaughan knows and has written songs with Tim Carroll.

The artist relations rep from M-Audio came to the show to visit the Mellencamp guys and Bob Britt. I ended up with a pair of DX4 desktop monitors and am getting a Black Box USB guitar/mic pre interface tomorrow. I plan on setting this laptop up to be able to edit and mix my fiancee's record during my down time. The monitors make that a real possibility, and if I can score a copy of the M-Audio ProTools software, I can dig in soon.

The designer of 65 Amps came by, too, and tweaked Britt's amp a little. What a great piece of gear that is...

One of the neat things about playing in New York and Los Angeles - besides the famous venues - is that the reps usually come by the gig. I met the M-Audio guy, Kevin, at a Sheryl Crow concert in NYC. Peter Stroud, guitarist with Sheryl is the other guy involved in 65 Amps, and he was at our Atlanta show, too. This has been a rewarding tour to make new contacts, for sure.


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