Sunday, September 04, 2005

On The Road To Mandalay Bay

San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas. The last three shows were scorching hot. San Diego and Phoenix were outdoors, thankfully the LV gig was indoors at Mandalay Bay.

The guitars were hot to the touch in Phoenix, temps were over 100 degrees all day.

Billy Burnette

I got some decent portraits of the guys at sound check.

John Molo

Matt Nolen

George Hawkins

Sound Check

The guitar rigs have been sounding great in the dry air.

John Molo

I snapped a few onstage shots, too.

The Band

Bob Britt

Bob brought over an M-Audio Black Box compliments of Kevin at M-Audio. It's a combination amp simulator, mic pre, drum machine, AdrenalLinn sequencer, and effects unit...complete with a scaled down version of Ableton Live, a loop-based recorder. This should provide lots of fun on the days off.

Rock Idol

Andy York, no poser in real life, hams it up with a crossed double rock sign...wicked.

Bill Mayes

Bill, aka "Ripp" is the stage right guitar tech for Mellencamp.


Clair Brothers audio tech and all-around good guy


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