Sunday, September 18, 2005

Red Rain, Kansas City Star

Red Rocks Rain

Sorry for the long hiatus - life happened to throw a wicked curve for a week or two...

The fabled Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado has hosted The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix in years past. I gigged here once before with The Mavericks...nice venue, hellish load-in and load-out. It rained for a bit, then cleared up after Stoll did his set.

Britt Rocks Red Rocks

The stage is carved into a rock formation and the seats are set into the cliff side. Great scenery abounds.

Kansas City was the final show on the Mellencamp/Fogerty tour, so I took some pictures of much of the bands and crews during soundchecks.


The fabulous percussionist/vocalist for Mellencamp. I wish I had her energy.

Jerry and Bob


Clair Bros. systems guy and monitor engineer for Stoll. Great fun and a big help to us on the Fogerty crew.

Lawless and Gemeinhardt

Tasteless gestures will not get you out of a photo op.


Grimace the Drummer. Always in a state of shock and agony... " What hell he doing"?

Andy and Bill

A boy and his tech.

Johnny G

The low, low, low, low, low lowdown...


Clair Bros. systems guy. Handy in the clutch and a pleasure to work with.


Stage manager, the thankless job of all thankless jobs. Thanks, Wood!!!

Andy and Me

Digitally enhanced to reveal sweat stains on our shirts. Come back baby, Rock and Roll never sweats. We finally got a chance to play together, with Walter on drums. We did a version of "No Matter What" before soundcheck and actually made it all the way through.


Caring, sharing and Banks-baiting, the redoubtable Mellencamp Monitor Man.


Keyboardist/guitarist who never gets his picture taken 'cause he's on the other side of the stage...

It was a fun tour. I learned a lot and had many good times. I may not see some of these new friends again, so I thank them for their many kindnesses and good-will. The Fogerty gang will be touring Australia in November for four weeks, and I'll be back to doing JF's guitars since Jerry will be heading back to the Aerosmith tour.


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