Monday, June 06, 2005

Rehearsal In Nashville

Les Banks Wiring a Rack

We had three days of rehearsal at Soundcheck in Nashville. While the crew probably could have used an extra day, we got enough done to allow us to get out on the road in preparation for the Mellencamp tour which begins on the 21st. I had to put together a new rack for recently added member Matt Nolan. Matt plays keys, guitar and mandolin and needed a new wireless system. I decided on a Sennheiser e100 series. It sounds great and is affordable and reliable.

John got a new rig with two Cornford amps and a Mesa Boogie. He is playing through a 4x12 Roccaforte cab and a 2x15 Ampeg. It sounds killer and gives three distinct tones: clean, dirt and lead. Jerry Sabatino has returned from Aerosmith to be John's and George Hawkins' tech this Summer, so I have moved over to handle Bob Britt and Billy Burnette, as well as Matt.

Jeff Senn (who teched Billy and Bob in Europe) stopped by rehearsals with a great Tele-style guitar that JF saw and ended up weighs a paltry 6 pounds and plays, sounds and looks great. I'll get a photo of it up eventually.


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