Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Gilded Page

Jimmy Page, Rock Guitarist

I think he's the greatest rock guitarist of all time, for much more important reasons than his technique or accuracy. He is a master of the big canvas, he sees the details and knows the history.

The very first issue I ever bought of Guitar Player magazine was the November 1977 issue with Jimmy Page on the cover. I had no idea such a magazine existed until I walked into East Towne Mall in Madison, Wisconsin and saw it on the counter at Patti Music. I brought it home, read every article and ad, and begged my Mom for a subscription. She got me one, and I remained a subscriber for many years.

Steve Rosen did that interview, and has finally offered the whole interview - unedited - on audio . It's posted at Modern Guitar.

It's great to hear Page speak eloquently and at length about his influences, musical education, guitars, recording techniques and more. What a great piece of history.


Blogger JazzBass said...

thank you, tom. great to find. i also was struck by how page was more into the overall than the minutiae, esp. the "orchestrating".

plus he said he didn't care if he left the mistakes in. whoo hoo.

bless ya.

31/10/07 08:38  

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