Sunday, August 05, 2007

All Your Bass Are Belong To Us

Got some catching up to do...literally. While at the Konocti harbor Resort in Kelsyville, CA, we had a day off before our show there. Bobby DeLuna and I got up early (relatively) and went to the marina to reserve a fishing boat. We snagged the only working one of the three they had, and Magee joined us in a little early afternoon fishing trip around the lake. At first, we hit all of the spots the fish were not at home. Many casts, many snags, many re-baits. Deciding that we'd head for the hot spot across the lake, we gunned the engine, only to find that it bogged down at higher speeds. This was not encouraging, since it is a huge lake, and the thought of being stranded out there and getting towed in was not appealing. We headed back to the marina to have them check it out.

As we were waiting, I threw a few casts off the dock and caught a small largemouth. At least I was not going to get skunked. One fouled spark plug later, we left Magee at the dock and headed along the shoreline, toward a bunch of private (non-resort) docks and launches. Voila! As any Sunday afternoon fishing show viewer will tell you, the bass want structure from which to ambush their prey. The shady docks and ramps give them nice cover, and on this part of the shore were basically weed-free. A few casts under the docks and we were on to the bass. I caught 4 or 5 , as did Bobby. Great fun while it lasted, but as the blazing sun got hotter, the action slowed down and we were pretty much sun-beat. We could see much larger bass than the ones we were catching swimming around and actually following a few of the plastic worms to the boat, but they were too smart to strike.

We got back to the marina around 2:00, and headed for the relative cool of the rooms. I have not fished much since moving to Nashville, so it was a real treat to go and actually catch something.


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