Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunny, I'm Home

Gawd it's hot. Too hot for me. Nashville has been having daytime temps in the mid-90's for a while now, and it can put a damper on your energy to get outside and do stuff. We did get a brief shower last night, which will no doubt green things up a bit, but also added even more humidity to the equation.

Donna and I have been practicing for her first in a series of three Wednesday night gigs at The Family Wash in East Nashville. The fabulous Kylie Harris is headlining and graciously asked if we were willing to open, sharing alternate Wednesdays with Scott Carter. So far, so good.

We are adding two new songs to the set this time out, a cover of The Pretenders' "Kid", and a new song by Donna called "Under The Rushes". We have a cool demo of the later, sans drums, that really captures the vibe of the tune. I hope we can recreate the feeling of the demo when we begin recording her next record.

I'm about to go into the studio/den and start cleaning up. Tons of magazines, weird CDs, accumulated receipts, orphan power supplies, tangles of cabling and much more to wade through. I like to keep a tidy work area, so it's time to turn up the AC and get cleaning.


Anonymous Driver said...

Welcome home, Tom,
Have very much enjoyed your international rock'n'roll travelogue. Hot and disgusting here in PA, too, along with high ozone that's messing with my lungs big-time.

Would love to hear your Nashville crossover version of "Kid." Reminded me of a show I saw a couple of weeks ago--Kelly Willis touring in support of her new album, featuring her version of the David Bowie/Iggy Pop song "Success." BTW, she's coming your way, and will be playing at the Belcourt Theater on 9/26...I'd love to see her and her band performing for the royalty in Nashville, I'm sure they'll be at the very top of their game :) I reviewed her performance at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia here:
Anyway, great reportage on the Aerosmith have a great job!

6/8/07 06:50  

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