Friday, July 20, 2007

Broad Side of the Sarnia

Canada, our neighbor to the North. While they may not loan us a cup of sugar like they used to, or watch our house while we're away, they do like their Rock and Roll music. Just got back from the gig at Bayfest, Sarnia, Ontario. It almost turned into an actual bay after torrential rain hit the gig and caused havoc with the stage gear. I had opted to return to the hotel, so my fellow backline guys weathered it for me. And I thank them for that.

The band rocked hard tonight, good set, including "Come Together", which is that rarest of Beatles cover songs - one that does the original justice. We have a pretty crazy schedule the next few days. It's 1:20 a.m. right now, the bus leaves in 40 minutes and we ride three hours to Toronto, hop on a plane and fly to Prince Edward Island. They may not have Prince Edward in a Can, but my can will be there, tired and weary by 10:00 a.m.

Not much else to report, no photos to post, no stories to tell. Maybe the excitement lies ahead. Good Night, see ya tomorrow.


Blogger Willful said...

Oh Tom
It sounds like your Euro trip was a dream in comparison! hope it all gets better soon


20/7/07 15:07  
Anonymous rockinthejoint said...

Oh. UGH! No wonder the band has to leave the stage as on time as possible...

24/7/07 13:55  

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