Thursday, July 21, 2005

Meet Virginia Beach

A day off in Virginia Beach. Sounds like fun, but no rooms today until 3:00. After a lunch at McDonald's (once in a while, it is truly delicious), we started walking to the beach but decided it was too hot. Back to the room until dinner.

Off to Dinner

Bob and Billy practice being snooty.

No Cursing

Local ordinance, I guess. We did our best.

On The Boardwalk

I have not been here since the '70's, when my Dad was in military school in Richmond for a couple of weeks for a few years. We used to stay in Colonial Heights.

Margaritas Before Dinner

We went to Rockfish, a seafood joint on the beach. Lots of fake Beatle memorabilia, with signs reading "John's Practice Guitar"... John who, it does not say. It was a Tesico, something Lennon certainly never played. Hmmmm.

Calling His Agent

After dinner, we sat on the patio to hang out until bed time.

Bob Is Happy

We had a bottle or two of an Australian merlot called Penfolds...very tasty.

George Joined Us

George came over late, he found a sushi place, but had a cocktail with us. During the evening's conversations, I learned that he was the guy that arranged and sang (with Kenny Loggins) the accapella intro to "Whenever I Call You Friend". Wow.

Lindsay Opens a Penfolds

Fireworks on the Beach

Every Wednesday and Friday, they shoot off fireworks. Goes well with the firewater.

Full Moon Fever

Billy reminds us that it is a full moon. Which explains everything.

Hilarity Ensues, Again

I've forgotten what it was he said, but Billy made my gut hurt with laughter.

After we left the restaurant, we went back to the bus to watch "Concert For George", the tribute to George Harrison that Clapton, McCartney, Starr and frineds put on at the Royal Albert Hall. It's great to hear players of that caliber play the songs of GH. McCartney's "Something" is my favorite.


Blogger Jay Jordan said...

Tom Spaulding, you are having too much fun dood...

hey, me and Shelli went and saw Shooter Jennings last night....

he rocked..

he's no John Fogerty, but good nonetheless....

22/7/05 22:36  

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