Saturday, July 09, 2005

Me and Mists at Jones...

...we got a thing going on. More rain. Jones Beach is an historic old-school venue situated on the ocean on Long Island. I had never gigged there before, but nearly everyone else on both of the crews were familiar with it's particulars. I was warned.

Jones Beach Load In

It was a downpour virtually all day. High winds. Swells splashing over the barricade. Cold and wet.

Tim, David and Albert

A brief moment out of the rain.

Jake Asks The Eternal Question...

Squeeging the Deck

It just kept raining all day until around 4:00, right before our soundcheck. The rubber/plastic flooring that Mellencamp uses proved to be too slick, so they rolled it back up and went with the wooden deck.

Dane Clark and his drum tech Walter

Walter, Jerry and I almost got to play together last week. JF and the band were delayed by traffic and as soon as John arrived, we were recruited to play behind him for soundcheck. Just as he was counting off "Run Through The Jungle", the band showed up. Dang.

Post gig Cheese and Crackers

Following a tradition I began years ago with the Warren Brothers, I usually prepare a plate of summer sausage, cheese and Ritz crackers for the crew bus after every gig. The trick is to get the runner to buy the right sausage. We were doubly blessed in Wisconsin with excellent cheese and meat. The new batch of Armour summer sausage is pretty good, too.

The bright spot for me was meeting Steve Lobmeier from D'Addario. D'Addario makes my favorite guitar strings, and Billy, Bob and Matt's guitars get strung with them daily. Steve is the Artist Relations contact for the strings and also Evans drum heads and Planet Waves accessories. I use the Planet Waves cables for all of my critical runs, and re-wired Billy and Matt's pedal boards with it as well. Steve's a big fan of JF, and it was nice to be able to introduce them to each other.

I did not take any photos of the show, since I was being pelted with rain and wind for most of it. JF and the band stood out in the rain and did the entire show as planned. All of the guitars got soaking wet, and I suspect I will have a lot of string changing and fret polishing to do at the next show, tomorrow at the Meadows Music Center in Hartford, CT.


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Hi Tom,

Is "The Meadows" the old Hartford Civic Center? Matt J. OF
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