Monday, July 11, 2005

With Every Beat of My Hartford

A day off in Hartford, CT. Not much to do, so I worked on the computer and finally got the valuable info from the old Vaio to the new Dell. I ended up using my Dell DJ MP3 player as an external harddrive and transferred from Vaio to DJ to Laptop. Cool.

Had lunch with Bob Britt at Max Bibo's deli. Good sandwiches. I had a roast beef wrap, and Bob opted for the liverwurst, which back home (Iowa for him, Wisconsin for me) used to be called braunschweiger. My parents used to eat it too, I think. Ugh.

Met up with Jerry and Bob for dinner at City Steam Brew Pub.

Dinner at City Steam Brew pub

The beer was good. The "Naughty Nurse"(wasn't that an Ursula Andress movie?) was their amber, and I had one of those and an IPA, which I liked quite a bit.

Bob had the Pot Roast

Pot Roast is something you don't usually order in a restaurant. As Bob observed, it's just something you relate to your mom making, not something you leave the house to get. It looked pretty good...

Mellencamp Soundcheck

The Hartford gig was great. Sunshine. Vitamin D. Warm and dry. John M. does not usually attend his soundchecks.

Bob Britt's Oafers

Boorsheim, Tom McJoad, Hillbilly Blass, Kenneth Dolt...whatever and whoever made these goofy shoes deserves a medal. A wardrobe favorite...

...I'm Ready to Play

The Strat speaks on "Centerfield". I think it and the ES-345 sound the best through the new amp, but nothing sounds bad.

George and Lisa

To cap off this heretofore Britt-centric post, a touching and unretouched photo of George and his fiancee Lisa. Ain't they cute?


Anonymous Lisa V said...

That is a cute picture....if I do say so myself!! I think I need a full res copy of that one! Thanks for the fun blog Tom. Keep up the good work! Lisa

16/7/05 01:50  

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