Saturday, July 16, 2005

Holmdel Sweet Holmdel

A show photo-free entry tonight. I didn't need any distractions during the show, since we had a tough day due to the fact that we have seven trucks and only two could dump at a time at the dock. We had to hurry to get soundcheck happening. That kind of puts me up against it, and I worry a bit more about gear failure. There is peace and comfort in having a well-paced day that somehow seems to keep gear gremlins at bay. Besides, I thought I might have lost my camera (again) yesterday, but I found it on the bus in the front lounge this morning.

That's one of the problems out here. There's no reliable permanent place to keep your stuff. Everyday is a new bed - or no bed at all, and a new shower-or no shower at all, and all of the space (save your actual bunk) is shared space - the lounges, kitchen, junk bunks, crew rooms, stages, wings.

There's not much to call your own, so it's easy to misplace something. I am trying to use my duffle bag as a catch-all, and in Philadelphia I failed to take my camera from the bus (which was parked in a city lot, a $10 cab ride from the hotel).

Bob managed to remember his and took this photo.

That's me in front of Independence Hall. I find the colonial era very interesting, and have read a few books on it. "John Adams" is an excellent read, as is "Founding Brothers". There is a three-volume set by Daniel J. Boorstin called "The Americans" that is superb. I'm a Boorstin fan - his series on History, Philosophy and Art (The Discoverers, The Seekers, and The Creators, respectively) is a must.

I am working my way throught the Edward Rutherfurd "historical novel" books at present. I finished "Sarum" yesterday and started "London". Good stuff.

I am travel blogging again, we are cruising down the road this very minute, headed for a day off in Harrisburg, PA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I'll be damned.

Tom, this is Mark from the W-B days. Glad to see you're doing well, and doing what you love.

Happened across your blog by pure accident.

I'm residing in the Atlanta area these days, someplace I suspect you fly thru on a frequent basis.

I'd rather not post my email where a bot can snag it, but you can find it at

Take care of yourself and watch out for that gig-butt.


17/7/05 06:18  
Blogger Tom Spaulding said...

Hey Mark-

Nice to hear from you. I have re-connected with a few people since I started this blog...especially since Powerline keeps giving me a link..What are you doing in Atlanta? How did you find the blog?

17/7/05 09:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you surmised, via a link on Power Line. They mentioned you by name, and it looked awfully familiar.

We've been in the Atlanta area (as opposed to the city proper, but that's a topic for another time) now for a number of years. Decided I'd had enough white shit for a lifetime.

Working at a high-end A/V contracting company and loving it.

17/7/05 18:08  

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