Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ring My Bell

Took a little time off from the blog. Plenty of nice weather lately and the shows have been rockin', so there's not much new to tell and besides, I was feeling a little sick the past few days, too. We have the day off today in Philadelphia. I have never been here with any extra time to kill, so Bob and I went walking, looking for a place to eat. We ended up down on 2nd Ave., near Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Very cool.

Campos was highly recommended for cheesesteaks, so we ate lunch there. Delicious. We kept walking after lunch and went through the Gallery Mall. I bought a used Bowie DVD and a pair of gig shorts at Old Navy, neither of which I needed, but a sale is a sale, clearance is clearance. I feel obligated. We stopped in a tourist store where I found a Liberty Bell refigerator magnet, the souvenier of choice at Chez Spaulding.

I typically get the girl a Hard Rock t-shirt, but after Amsterdam, the Hard Rock Philadelphia shirt just wasn't as impressive. The Amsterdam T has a bit more cachet, I guess. I'm sure travelling Amsterdam guitar techs feel the opposite.

Tomorrow's show is across the river in Camden, NJ. Afterwards, we will drive to Holmdel and do a show, then have a day off in Harrisburg.


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