Monday, July 18, 2005

Hershey's About A Mover

Joe Dougherty

Joe is Mellencamp's system tech. Great guy.

Jerry Linechecks the Goldtop

Smilin' John Molo

There's the Roland pad that makes the handclap sound for "Centerfield".

Curious George Rocks Bob

Walter Rates the Haircut


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the site. It's fun to hear and see the behind-the-scenes stuff. Thanks

19/7/05 23:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tom...

This is Larry "Pops" Loveridge here in North Hollywood CA ...

I think this blog is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

I have been following it faithfully since you guys after getting a link to it from an old roadie friend of mine that frequents the site.

Knowing that you guys are on the downward slide of the Mellencamp section of the tour I thought I'd write.

Do me a favor: Tell Jake "Your Pop said don't spit your tobacco juice in the Coke cans."

That'll rattle his cage!

His Mom (Donna) wishes to tell you thanks for the photos too. She loves the one in Goteburg, Sweden with the group standing out on the street.

My personal favorites are the "Jake Asks The Eternal Question..." and the "Post gig Cheese and Crackers."

Well be safe and... You'll be home and in your own rack soon for a few weeks of R&R and don't your let piano roll...

Best regards...

Larry "Pops" Loveridge
North Hollywood CA

20/7/05 02:56  
Blogger richcub said...


First time blogging. Thanks for having this here as I an now a registered blogger! yea, chemists are dense LOL! Anyhow, what was going on with JF's earpiece the night at Hershey? Sorry to hear about the Crown's inability to have the rooms ready for you guys. It's not like they didn't know all of you were coming! Sunday mornings around central PA can make one feel like they are in a ghost town, if you aren't at church that is LOL!

Most of the things to do around here on the weekends, in the AM, was to either take the Chocolate World tour or head east about 40 miles to where they filmed that movie "Witness" with Harrison Ford 20 years ago. Hasn't change much, let me tell you.

Ok, enough rambling. Thanks for putting on a great show from someone that has wanted to see a JF show for many years!

Rich S

20/7/05 04:37  

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