Monday, October 31, 2005

Wy, Baby, Wy

I had the fun opportunity to do a gig with Wynonna and her band on Saturday night. I have worked for her for the last five years or so, but she took off the past year to finish her book. The book and accompanying DVD/CD set is apparently selling well. We shot the DVD at the Opry House earlier this year.


Wy was in good voice, especially since she has been on a media blitz doing book signings and a lot of TV appearances.

Tony Obrohta

Guitar honcho and Texas Hold 'em ace.

Bruce Wallace

New guy filling in for Randy Flowers.

John Billings

New guy filling in for Steve Mackey, who's out with Trisha Yearwood this year.

Steve Potts

One of the finest drummers on the planet.

Harry Sharpe

Keyboards and Musical Director. Harry configured my audio computer and is a great player, composer and arranger.

Wendy Moten and Robert Bailey

Wendy is new, filling in for Vicki Hampton, who is out with Dolly Parton. Robert is the long time band leader and superlative vocalist. He can sing all of the parts.

Ashley Swann and Ken Craig

Production Manager and Tour Manager. I miss working with these guys...maybe Wy will tour next year.

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