Friday, October 21, 2005

Guitar Man

Who draws the crowd and plays so loud,
Baby it's the guitar man.
Who's gonna steal the show, you know
Baby it's the guitar man

Tim Pierce is an L.A.-based session guitarist who sports a long list of album credits including the sublime "Toy Matinee" record. More recently, Pierce worked his magic on several Goo Goo Dolls tracks. Most non-musos have heard his work on Rick Springfield's '80's Power Pop hits. Ten years ago, he gathered up some of his songs that never got cut or released, and made an outstanding instrumental record called "Guitarland".

Pierce is a master of tone, touch and taste. As a recording engineer, I use his guitar sounds as a benchmark. As a guitarist, his note choices, fluid technique and passion are inspiring. As a listener, I am never aurally assaulted with "chops for chops sake". In fact, Pierce usually waits until the fadeout to throw any pyrotechnics into the mix. Everything else is pure, tasteful melody.

As far as I can tell, "Guitarland" on CD is out of print. I found a copy on eBay, and you might check out used CD stores. It is available at

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