Friday, March 20, 2009

Me In Front Of Something Significant

Now that everybody's got a camera on them 24/7, everything is a photo op, every event a 3D backdrop for you to pose in front of.

Hence this photo from the iPhone of crewmate Trace Foster:

Daytona 500

Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Clubland

The rest of the month finds us in various clubs and TV shows from coast to coast. A bit of a whirlwind promo tour for the new album, then we settle down to prep for the Summer tour. The boss has the #1 Country single right now, and there's at least a few more on the album that will probably reach that apex over the next months. It's a really strong collection.

We played a show last night in Valdosta, GA at the Wild Adventures theme park. A few rusty spots - quickly laughed about and left behind -but the band sounds great already and it's going to be fun to see and hear that kind of energy coming off a small club stage. The old-timers out here tell me that's a normal show, but being the new guy, it's all fresh to me. I watched the show last year on the Kenny Chesney tour, but seeing and hearing it up close is a whole 'nother thing. I've been lucky to only work for bands and artists whose music I enjoy listening to, night after night, and the new gig is no different.

There's a few guys on the crew I've worked with before, and many that I've met at gigs, so I don't feel like a complete stranger. It's fun to go to work when the pay off is a screaming crowd full of happy and satisfied people who have no idea who you are or what you did to make the show happen - and they shouldn't. The only time we get noticed by the public (hopefully) is when something goes awry and we have to fix it, and we like to keep those times to a minimum.

We were also blessed with a bus driver so skilled that I could not even tell we were moving and I slept like a log and (probably) snored like a chainsaw, there and back. Nice.

Practice Makes Perfect

Here's a few shots from last weeks rehearsals: