Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Space and Time

I joined a new social networking site the other day. It's called Crewspace, and it's similar to MySpace, but less cluttered and meant for road crews to socialize with each other. As they put it:
A social network for Roadies, Tour Managers, Production Managers, Sound Engineers, Lampys, Backline, Techs, Drivers, Caterers, Security and anyone else who tours! Find work, find crew, connect with friends and have fun! Customise your profile, add music, videos, blogs etc.
We live temporary lives out here. Friendships last only as long as a tour sometimes, and the shared experience of travel, sleep, no sleep, work and boredom is a crucible for making fast friendships. We eat the same foods at the same time. We sleep in the same bunks or hotels. Whatever happened to me today happened almost exactly the same way to several other people, so there is not much to talk about except previous gigs and tours. I know how your day went...it was the same as mine!

Crewspace let's you re-connect with international touring and local crews that you might not have seen in years and let's you keep tabs on your friends. It also offers forums to discuss relevant industry issues and a help wanted/help available section.

Specialized groups were an inevitable solution to the 200 million MySpace accounts that are out there. Crewspace does a great job of meeting the needs of a small but necessary group of people in the Music Industry. I invite my fellow roadies to check it out.