Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pomme Sweet Pomme

"Four days in I-da-ho", a lyric CSNY never sang, but my reality nonetheless earlier this week. Three days off in Boise, a gig at their Botanical Gardens and off we went to re-join the Chesney tour. I never did get to do any fishing or hiking, but I pretty much walked the entire downtown area and found a laundromat. Life on the road has simple pleasures, and washing clothes is one of them. We cruised the aisles of the CVS and bought trial sized do-dads while we waited.

The first night there we had a cook-out by the buses, with hamburgers and brats and beer and bourbon. I ate lightly and drank lightly and got to work on my Pro Tools lessons. The next day, the search for diverisons began.

Here's a few of the boys sitting outside the hotel, trying to think of things to do:

Shayne, Daryl, Steve, Anthony and Danny

Anthony and I decided to walk to the Farmer's Market on Main Street. On the way we say a few signs of downtown desolation:

And a little desolation colored with a beautiful old Mustang:

This is a popular and historic "Cheers" type pub, the Idanha:

The Farmer's Market had some nice stuff:

I spent a lot of time in my room, writing a new song with GarageBand and my amazing new M-Audio BX5a monitors, along with my trusty Black Box.

I wrote a verse and chorus, inpired by the Beatle-y vibe of Aimee Mann's "Lost In Space" album, e-mailed it to my wife, the talented Donna Beasley, and she has been working on it ever since, so by the time I get back to the house, we'll have another song ready to go.