Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wishing Wellington

From one exotic country to another. The flight over, which lasted three hours, was uneventful until we hit the coast of New Zealand. Wow. What a gorgeous view. I have wanted to visit since I saw the Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, our free time won't allow much sightseeing this trip. I'll have to settle for airplane window shots for now.

Flying Into New Zealand aka Middle Earth

Mountains and Glacier

This mountain reminded me of the snowy pass the Hobbits had to cross in LOTR. Real-live mountains with snow and sharp, pointy peaks.

Lord of the Rings

After an excellent show in Christchurch, we are now in Wellington, home of Peter Jackson's movie studio complex. The boat from King Kong is in the harbor at his site. Some of the battle scenes in LOTR were shot in the surrounding woody hills, very nearby to homes and businesses, and about five minutes from the airport. Cool.

The photo below is of the harbor outside tonight's venue.

Wellington Harbor

Water sports seems to be a big thing here, Kayaks and swimmers everywhere.



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