Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"Hobart Me Up" b/w "Melbourne on the Bayou"

Whew! Lots to catch up on since my last post. Deciding that words are not enough, despite e-mails proclaiming the contrary, I bought yet another camera and now must qualify as a "digitally optically conspicuous consumer". Of course, Sony had an new version of the camera I bought to replace my lost camera - the T3 I left on the dining room table before flying to Australia. The new T5 is even cooler (of course), sexier and has 5.1 megapixels, which is actually very many pixels, come to think of it. I think the .1 pixel cinches it.

The photo below is the "fresh-from-the-box" first shot, taken about 100 meters (see, I blend) from the camera shop. I took it whilst (blending) seated at an outdoor cafe. Coffee with milk here is called "flat white", which coincidently half-describes my rapidly shrinking belly. After the indulgence frenzy of a wedding and honeymoon, it was time to get back on the Atkins diet and drop some weight. So far, so good.

Anyway, here's the hatchling:

Elizabeth Street Mall in Hobart

We had a good show in Perth, then flew the next day to Hobart, Tasmania. I never thought I would type those words, but Rock and Roll will not only clothe ya, it'll let you see the airports and hotel lobbies of the world. This is the harbor across the street from our hotel, the Dickensian-sounding Hotel Grand Chancellor (never did find out if they had any Exchequers at the concierge desk).

From Hotel Window, Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart Harbor

Ex-checkers aside, Bob Britt and I did manage a few hands of cribbage, the Game of Kings, and a glass or two of some the tasty Australian wines. This one was called "The Stirlings", a blend of three grapes. Very good.

Cribbage in the Afternoon

Like all hotels the lobby is a meeting place for band and crew during bus call. Below, the inexhaustible Albert Bermudez chats with the affable George Hawkins in Hobart.

Albert and George

New friends are made on every overseas tour and the crew we have working with us down here is exceptional. Lighting guy Andy Mutton from Bytecraft and our own Dave Davidian await a trip to the airport.

Andy and David

I felt as blurry as this picture looks, having slept until 10:00 a.m. after a glitch-ridden show. Gear stopped working and although I fixed the problem (dead wireless transmitter) rather promptly, I let it get me off my game and missed a few cues. Never again...I hope!

Lobby in Hobart

This leg of the tour has a new yet familiar face behind the drumkit. Future drum legend and current icon Kenny Aronoff is keeping time with us and he is truly a pleasure to hear. Kenny and George make a formidable rhythm section.

George and Kenny

We had a band and crew dinner at Mure's , the seafood restaurant across the street and on the dock. I had an excellent fish and chips, breaking my diet just a little. Everything was delicious and freshly caught.

Speaking of food, Bob and I chanced upon a gourmet shop on the Elizabeth Street Mall. I wanted to get some salami and cheese to snack on since chips (errr...crisps...), candy and Atkins-tolerant peanuts abound in gift shops and mini bars. I asked the clerk for some sharp cheddar (I am from Wisconsin, dammit), and the guy behind the counter recognised my accent. Wis-cahhhn-sin. Which is how it is correctly pronounced, by the way.

Turns out he used to run Brentwood Liquors in Brentwood, Tennessee...about 15 miles from Nashville. Turns out further that he is a bass player, sold Willie Weeks a bass and wants to buy it back. Turns out even further that Willie played with Bob's brother for years in Vince Gill's band, so Bob is going to pass the message along. In Tasmania. Cue the Disney ditty.

Dinner at Mure's

We flew this afternoon from Hobart to Melbourne. We have two shows here and a third an hour out of town at a winery.

Dinner with Bob and Albert at an Italian joint tonight was just OK, but on the walk back Bob spotted this sign and suggested a photo op was in order. So, my beautiful new bride, here it is:

Two Of My Favorite Things

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