Monday, November 28, 2005

Travelin' Band

The down side of traveling the world with a band is...traveling. We are flying everywhere we go, so no tour bus to crash/hide/eat in. The hotels have all been great, the food is excellent, but the airport ordeal can be tiring. Qantas and Air New Zealand are fine airlines with superb service, but the waiting and riding in vans, shuttle buses and cars, and the constant checking of bags, waiting in security and immigration lines adds up to many hours spent "on que".

Bleary Bobby Britt

Either Bob is tired or he cannot handle being beaten in mid-flight cribbage...well, I guess we both won about the same amount of hands...must be tired.

Restless Matt

Someitmes you gotta get up and stretch... and get in the flight attendant's way.

Christchurch Airport

No security at all in Christchurch's airport. Odd, to us at least. We were getting on a turboprop to fly an hour to Wellington this morning.

15 Minute Nap

The indominatable Nick Pitts catches half a Z sitting at his desk in the Christchurch production office.


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