Saturday, November 28, 2009

For Richard Wright

I'm no keyboardist...far from it. I quit taking piano lesson from Mrs. Knudsen when Little League baseball rolled around. Much to my later regret. My Dad plays well, my brother and two sisters also play piano, but I ended up on guitar.

But that doesn't mean I don't have a keyboard or two laying around the studio. I was going through the many presets and sounds of the Virtual String Machine virtual instrument when I found that by layering two patches together, I could get a pretty reasonable Pink Floyd string sound. I added a bit of M-Tron, a virtual Mellotron program, and the DB-33 organ sound from the Pro Tools 8 stock plugins. I put a little David Gilmour-inpired guitar using a Les Paul into the AmpliTube Fender simulation.

I always found the sounds of '70's rock keyboardists to be fascinating, from Rick Wakeman to Gary Wright to Gary Numan to Richard Wright (Pink Floyd).

Richard Wright died from cancer in September of 2008 and this is my humble elegy in his memory:

For Richard Wright.

This download is available for 14 days or 200 downloads. I expect the calendar will win that battle!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very Nice elegy. Rick Wright is sorely missed. I enjoy your blog! Keep it up...

Bryan in Kentucky

4/12/09 15:51  

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