Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Black In Back

Sometimes those guys and gals in black that move around the back of the stage in the dark get a chance to be out front.

Thanks to Keith Urban and his band for letting us roadies have some fun in Buffalo...


Blogger jejordanjr said...

Dude, you Shred!

17/11/09 18:24  
Blogger Claypots said...

That was awesome - great job. Keith Urban must be a cool guy - I don't see too many other big names giving his/her crew a chance to have some fun and get a little limelight.


18/11/09 07:33  
Anonymous Greg Howard said...

You tore the face off that solo. Nice job. Always fun to play in front of the bosses...

19/11/09 08:09  
Blogger Howard said...

Very cool! Killer solo.

20/11/09 07:20  
Blogger Just Jay said...

How cool was that?!

Great solo!!

20/11/09 14:29  
Anonymous You know who ! said...

Hot Beef & Hot bad ass guitar solo !

30/11/09 14:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had the pleasure of playing with Tom one year in jazz ensemble in high school. He was far ahead of us all at that time. His license plate was "TGS" - I thought it meant Tom Guitar Spaulding. He had put it together way before most of us. Anyway - looks like fun!

Pat Reynolds

29/8/10 03:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somewhere in here Tom mentioned buying the Chester and Lester album, which I had also done. Tried to play it for my friends but they just wanted to listen to "I Robot". Arrgh
Here is a nice cut from "Chester and Lester"...


Pat Reynolds

29/8/10 04:55  

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