Monday, September 21, 2009

All Kinds Of Pain

Tim Carroll's latest effort, "All Kinds of Pain" is now available on Gulcher Records. Tim recorded this record on a Roland VS-1680, and transferred those files to my Cubase rig and we produced, edited and mixed the album jointly.

I really like this record. It's a testament to the talent of Tim and to the inspiration that a convenient recording method can give to an already prolific song writer. Some of these tunes had completely different lyrics, titles and messages....and on "Drive All Night" two different versions are combined and presented at the same time. Try listening to either/or lead vocal...the songs work with either half the lyrics...Tim picks one or the other at live gigs.

Check it out. It's my third mixing/production effort after Gina Butler's "Simple Little Kiss" and Donna Beasley's "Good Samaritan".


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