Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When The Tracking Gets Weird, The Weird Turn to Pro Tools

Spent the day working on the album. The fine folks at M-Audio were able to ship me a Transit USB interface for Pro Tools and I can finally get cracking on my editing. The Transit is a small, credit card sized device that gives you an optical in and an analog out. Not really for recording, but great for editing on a laptop: small, light weight and bus-powered.

For those of you new to Pro Tools, I highly recommend the Thomson Course Technology books: Editing Audio in Pro Tools Skill Pack, Mixing in Pro Tools Skill Pack and Working With Beats in Pro Tools Skill Pack. All come with session files to teach you how to edit, mix and work with loops and Beat Detective. I have read through the mix and edit books, and now use them as reference guides for specific techniques. The Beats book is new to me, but looks like a great guide to rhythm/drum specific editing and mixing. I brought the first two on this run and bought the third a few days ago...very handy and well thought out.


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