Thursday, September 10, 2009

North by Northwest

Like Lewis and Clark...or Martin and Lewis, at times... we roll this thing out to the upper left hand corner section of the map. Last night was Salt Lake City where the crowd was grinning from start to finish. Little Big Town opened and they were excellent as usual...a throwback to a day when you had to sing in tune and play in time before you were put into arenas. Definitely Old School.

We're on a 12-hour bus ride through beautiful Oregon at the moment...just stopped for fuel at a truck stop 200 miles out of Portland. I haven't been up this early (7:30) on the road in a long time. I used to be the first guy up, made the coffee and waited for the rest of the crew to rouse. Now I stay up late and sleep in 'til 10:00. Getting older, I guess. Ibuprofen tablets are a daily supplement to me.

I forgot to pack any of my several Pro Tools interfaces, so I had to order another one to be drop-shipped to the gig in Spokane on Monday. Which means I'll have some free time to explore Portland today, once we get there in another hour or so.


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