Sunday, March 02, 2008

The First Three Cuts... Are The Deepest (Grooves)

Well maybe not the deepest, but it's really great to get a new project going - and they do groove nicely.

UPDATE March 5, 2008: Marco assures me they do groove deeply, so strike that first line.

We started on (my fab wife) Donna Beasley's next album a couple of nights ago. It's tentatively titled "Under The Rushes".

While "Good Samaritan" is just now starting to sell and we have recently secured European distribution through Proper records, the time is ripe to get the next project moving. Tim Carroll and I have finished mixing his next record, "Rants and Musings" with just a bit more casual listening and a few more minor tweaks (I expect) before it finally goes out for replication. We even began work on his next next record...he's quite prolific.

Donna's first three tracks that we recorded were "Heart Like A Wound", "You Wouldn't Know Love", and "This Love Won't Die". We had a full demo of "Heart Like A Wound" already, but we recut it with Marco Giovino and Steve Mackey on drums and bass, respectively. My buddy Anthony Aquilato engineered and I produced and played a little scratch guitar, none of which we will keep.

Anthony brought over a nice selection of top end gear. We tracked the drums through 5 Amek C.I.B. mic pres, using the Glynn Johns "3-mic method" for the kit, with two Room mics in addition to the Kick and Kit Left, Kit Right mics. We took the bass through a Universal Audio 6176 and the vocals through an Avalon 737. Nice and good.

No sneak peeks or advance listens this time out...I learned that you only show things when they are done. Most people can't "listen past" the sound of a rough mix or an unfinished song. As far as the general public is concerned, there only IS finished product. Rarely do we see uncut and unedited music or film...for good reason.

I have about 6 weeks until I begin this Summer's tour, so I am under the gun to get Tim, Donna and Cole Slivka to a place in their projects so that my limited access won't be too much of a factor.

I have my Mac laptop tricked out with more plugins and the Digidesign Strike drum machine. I have been writing a lot of instrumentals lately, so I may try to squeeze in an album of my own stuff while on the road.

Lots to do, so few days to get it done. All this and a regular exercise program, too?

Life is good.


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