Friday, January 11, 2008

Great Gig In The Sky

"Excruciating". That's what she said when I asked her how the gig felt. We'd just played at a locally owned bookstore for two of our friends and not too many more. We set up in front of a fake fireplace that was not turned on, next to the periodicals, in front of the cafe. Nothing says "buy me" like two people playing mostly original music, with two acoustic guitars trying to suggest an entire band - fiddle, pedal steel and accordion included.

I guess some people liked it, a few sat down for a minute or two, and a young girl who works at the cafe, where -all night long - she could only hear us and never saw us. When she ran up to me as we were hauling our gear (upstairs to the parking lot)in order to buy a CD before we left, I was glad to tell her it was available for sale in the music section. I hope she was not disappointed. With either surprise.

The last gig was also in a bookstore, also in front of two (different) friends and no one else - except this one guy for a few tunes. Much better, being more prepared for that kind of turn out. We had fun with it, went home and had the friends over for wine and booze and cheese and chicken/apple sausages.

Music City, USA.


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