Thursday, November 29, 2007

Duke Levine - "Beneath The Blue"

Yesterday I went to the mailbox and found an advance copy of Duke Levine's latest record, "Beneath the Blue". I met Duke while I was working at the Gibson Custom Shop and he was playing guitar with Mary Chapin Carpenter. This is his fourth instrumental solo album, the others being "Nobody's Home", "Country Soul Guitar" and "Lava". Fans of instrumental guitar music should have all of them, and you can hear some samples here.

All of Duke's records are benchmarks of superb guitar tone and tasteful playing. He never displays his considerable chops in a show-off manner, instead focusing on melody and phrasing. A master of Blues, Country, Soul and Rockabilly, he blends all of these into a potent brew of American Roots Music with a touch of Berklee Jazz finesse.

Duke in action

I like his taste in guitars and clothes...!

Me in action

Now, time to cue up Track 1 and go to school...!


Anonymous Derek said...

Tom, I think I know why Duke Levine gets better tone than you .. your guitar is too high! Everyone knows that low slung guitar equals better tone and cooler looks!

30/11/07 10:47  
Blogger Tom Spaulding said...

LOL. Hey, waitaminute...when did I say he gets better tone than me?!

30/11/07 17:53  
Anonymous Jay Jordan said...


you play way better than duke

but your tone....

6/12/07 21:40  
Blogger Tom Spaulding said...


we both know better than that!!

16/12/07 20:48  

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