Wednesday, January 03, 2007

All Is Quiet...On New Year's Day

Ah, the New Year's Eve gig. I have not intentionally celebrated that particular holiday in many years, since I am usually either working or sleeping. Our good friend Elizabeth Cook was booked on New Year's Eve, opening for Dale Watson at the Hideaway BBQ in Raleigh, NC. Elizabeth invited my wife and I along - Donna to sing and me to help out with the band gear and the audio.

We took a 15-passenger van loaded with band gear, suitcases, coolers, bags of snacks and passengers: drummer Marco Giovino, his fiancee Kylie Harris, Donna, me and Elizabeth and her guitarist husband, Tim Carroll. Paul Slivka was driving himself and his bass gear up from his beach house.

The first day we (that is, Tim) drove about 8 hours to Statesville, North Carolina. We slept in and ended up in Raleigh at about 3:00 p.m. the following day.

The Hideaway is a new club run by music fans for music fans. It's clean and professional and the food is excellent. The stage was adequate and the P.A. sound good, if a little underpowered.

Elizabeth is a hard country singer, and she attracts many of the other bands that keep that tradition alive, one of whom stopped by for autographs and a picture - and to drop off a CD.

Tim does a few songs of his own, including his paen to French technology, "TGV".

Donna sang on several songs, and Kylie joined her for the bluegrassy "Rest Your Weary Mind" They all sounded great.

Tres Divas at rest.

It was a fun night, and we drove back the next day with no problems. It's been a while since I did the van tour gig, and while it can certainly beat you up physically, it's really a blast to hang out with your friends in close quarters for long as everybody has their own iPod!

Looks like I'll be doing some shows with Hall and Oates again soon, and Donna's record is nearly mixed and that whole process is coming together soon. Busy days ahead in 2007.

Thanks to Elizabeth, Tim, Kylie, Marco, Paul and my lovely wife Donna for a great trip ...Happy and Prosperous New Year's to everyone.


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