Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas in Cali

The wonder that is television, Hollywood style. We flew to Los Angeles last week to tape a California Christmas TV special. It will air on several networks on over 200 stations. Check yer local listings, of course.

It was shot in the center of a shopping mall called The Grove. Very nice mall, lots of great shops and some amazing steaks, French-style.

The Grove

T-Bone and Zev gave an impromptu concert of old favorites from The Band, including "Tears of Rage" and "When I Paint My Masterpiece". Captivating.

T-Bone and Zev

The weather, it was dry. I brought a pair of shorts with me, luckily. Most of the crew packed strictly for the New York dates and were left wearing all black in the blazing California sun. It didn't seem to bother the cool and calm Eliot Lewis, though.


The fine folks at Taylor and Jenny Smith at Gibson Guitar loaned us some instruments. T-Bone scored a lovely Hummingbird. It sounded fantastic and was "aged" by Gibson so it looked old and broken in. We are waiting for Gibson to send us a price, and one of us is going to buy it.


Smooth and funky Mike Braun played his thing. Most tasty.

Mike Braun

A different but equally talented string section. Being from California, they naturally all looked like models. The first violinist has a newborn at home...yikes!


The fabulous Dave Brunetto and Andrea Muraglia. They keep us going in the right direction. Thanks for all you do, kids!!

Dave and Andrea

Eliot and Everett. They sing, they play, they pose.

Eliot and Everett

Production Manager, Tour Manager, Artist Manager. The brain trust poses post-gig. Great work, all.

Pete, Dave, Brian


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