Friday, October 27, 2006

Blonde Ambition

When a local Power Pop God decided to sell a few things before moving to New York City, he sent out an e-mail out listing the gear he was willing to part with. I noticed a Sennheiser e609 mic on the list, and grabbed it (turns out he had two, I bought both).

I also snagged a Roland VS-880 multi-track digital recorder for $100. Or I thought I did, until the seller realized he had several long-forgotten tunes on there. I offered to convert the Roland files to .wav files and he knocked $50 off the Roland price. Nice!

When I got there this morning to pick up the stuff, I saw this blonde beauty for sale, too. I have always considered Guild to be the leader in acoustic 12-strings, and I have never owned one before. The price was right, and I adopted this 1995 JF30-12.


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