Friday, November 10, 2006

New York State of Mind

I started my new gig with Hall and Oates this week, after filling in on a couple of shows last month. Daryl and John have a new album out, their first Christmas record, and it sounds amazing. Great songs, great vocals - the usual. I'm taking care of John's guitars, as well as (long-time Hall and Oates bassist) T-Bone Wolk's guitars.

Zev Katz is playing electric and upright bass on this series of promo shows in support of the new album, and I'm looking after his gear, too. Eliot Lewis is playing keys and singing, Everet Bradley is adding percussion and vocals, and groove king Mike Braun is drumming.

Thom Termini is Daryl's tech. He's been working with Cheap Trick lately, and actually pulled a tour of duty with Al DiMeola, one of my early guitar inspirations.

Thom Termini

We are holed up in an upstate New York studio run by Peter Moshay, who's hosting a few of us in his nearby home for a week or so of rehearsals.

Pete Moshay

Lots of gear and lots of detailed work. Getting various arrangements of songs to fit on TV and radio formats is time consuming. Computers help...and so does uber-tech Anthony Aquilato.

Anthony Aquilato

Mike Braun Powers Up

The control room is stuffed with excellent gear.

Sony Oxford

Control Room

Outboard Racks

Here's the first night of rehearsals. T-Bone is the Music Director, and he keeps things moving along. He's a first-rate guitarist and in his youth was an accordion prodigy, placing high in the state championships.

First Rehearsal

After a couple of days of the guys working out the arrangements, the much-less-ugly and equally talented string section arrived to work their magic into the songs. I only remember the name of the section leader, Lorenza Ponce, because that is a memorable name... sorry, ladies, I will make this right soon!

First Violinist Lorenza Ponce

Second Violin



The quartet sounded great and they are a fun hang. I had made some of my Mom's chili the day before, and it was tasting especially good at lunchtime. They all seemed to like it, along with the incredible sandwiches from an Italian sub shop nearby.


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